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Sike is a psychic mutant of Xavier Institute


When she was young she was raised in a small country town that was very pro-mutant. There was almost a celabration when Amanda first manifested her powers. She was always loved and ahd a special place in the town. When she was 14 however, her parents had to move to a bigger city, where she recieved quite different treatment. She was constantly bullied and shunned by her peers to the point where she went into a depression. Her parents decided it would be best to mover her to a private schol, thats when they found the Xavier Institute.

She met several of the eventually teachers at the school. And befriended mutants such as Prohibit and Photos. When the school closed, she returned home and got a degree in writing.

She was later contacted by Photos to help reopen the school


She is very no non sense and to the point. She has few close friends and rarely opens up to a student. However she is very dependable in battle situations.


She has many psychic powers such as telepathy, mind control, able to create psychic weapons, and can create energy weapons such as blades. She currently uses cerebro.

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