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You walk in to the apple store you see all sorts of things like Iphones and Ipads.


Buck -aka Manager
-Apple Manager

 – 21:49, January 4, 2012 (UTC)

Hey Welcome to the apple store feel free to browse


Iphone 4 - $200.00

Iphone 4S - $300.00

Ipad 2 - $500.00

Macbook(small) - $900.00

Macbook(medium) -$1,000.00

Macbook(Large) - $1,500.00

Ipod Shuffle - $49.00

Ipod Nano - $129.00

Ipod Classic -$249.00

Ipod touch - $399.00

Apple stand 3

Apples for sale at the apple store

Apple - $10.00


You see a help wanted sign on the door.If you want to join talk to the manager Buck

  1. Tamara Eldenburg(programmer)
  2. Thomas Lock(Technician)


These are for poeple who are banned from the store cause they caused trouble.There is a fee to get back in whch you can pay whenever

  • Jace Drake For stealing almost all our stuff.Fee - $6,564.99

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