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Hanalo Kauze
Silent Night
Silent Night
Important Information
Gender Female
Family Deceaced
Status Dead, Ghost
Eye Color Pure Black
Hair Color Black
Height 5,0
Affiliation X-men
Powers Flight, Invisibility, Intangibility, Florakinesis (formerly).
Weakness Salt burn her, And if her body is destroyed than she will go back to the underworld.
Missions none


Hanako -aka Silent Night
-Silent Night

 – 18:30, January 7, 2012 (UTC)



Flight, Invisibility, Intangibility, Florakinesis (formerly).


She was born in 1602 in Kyoto, Japan to a poor rice farmer. She did not clean around the house but instead helped her father to tend the rice. She always loved to be with plants. When she was about ten her mutant powers developed. She could control and create plants. She help her father to have huge crops of rice. The rice flourished under her care. Soon they were rich and had a large house. They soon attracted the attention of the Emperor. Her father bragged to the Emperor, saying that he was the great rice farmer and that this all was his work. So the Emperor said that he shall come to the palace to grow rice. But his family could not come. The father was caught in his lie, but could not decline. He came and was quickly found out as a fraud. The Emperor was enraged. He sentenced the father to death. Hanako was heartbroken. She said to the Emperor that she would die in her father's place, because she was a witch and she had cursed her father to not grow rice for the Emperor because se wanted to come to the palace and grow rice there. She said the the curse was unbreakable, unless her father stopped to grow rice. The Emperor was furious at her and struck her down with his sword that instant. Her soul went to the underworld. But as she had given her life to save another she was given another chance at life. But as she had lied to the Emperor, that chance was as a Ghost. She watched her father, but she could not bring her self to talk to him. So she lived as a ghost for years protecting her father from criminals. When her father died, she helped her brother who was born after she died with the crops and other work. She Helped him to lead a coup agent the Emperor, and lead him to be a great leader of the country. After he died she helped other leaders to greatness. She was the personal Adviser to George I of England.

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