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James Swartz
Important Information
Gender male
Family Andrew (Brother), Deana (Sister)
Status alive
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Black
Height 6'0"
Affiliation The sky
Powers Eagles
Weakness Being cut off from fresh air and his eagles
Missions none yet


James was born into a mutant family. His mom and dad were once X-Men. His dad's powers were expansion and advanced senses. His mother's were invisability and flight. He had a older brother and sister. They were twins and they had different powers. His brother had flight while his sister had invisability. They lived in the Rocky Mountians so they could be safer. But something happened. When he was 5 they were attack by the military. His brother and sister were brought to Fort Dix for super soldier serum and his parents were killed. He was saved by his new powers. 5 eagles came and carried him to safety. He was then dropped by the eagles in Denver. He was put into a foster home and made fun of. When he turned 15 his wings came in. They shot out of his back and almost gave foster mother a heart attack. He was kicked out of the house. After a month he built a nest like a eagle and stayed there for 4 weeks. Once he found the phamplet for the academy and came.


He has black hair like the rest of his family. He has brown eyes. James is a tall well built guy. He has broad shoulders and he has two slits in his back. James wears two necklaces. One is his sisters and the other his brothers. On those necklaces is his promise to free them.


He is like a eagle. It depends on the sitation. If he needs to be done by a time he will hunt his "pray" but if not he will wait and let his "pray" corner itself. He is trusting and loyal. He is talkative and fun loving.


Advanced Senses (eyes and ears), Animalistic Partnership, and Wings


He has two major weaknesses. One is how far he would go to save his brother and sister. The other is when he is in a place where he cant keep in touch with his eagles. It is like some one that is claustrophobic in a closet.

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