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Jared Rudden
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Jared 1

Jared -aka Pathos

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I am joy, I am pain, I am anger, I am sorrow, I am a healer, I am an enemy, and I am an empath, beware my powers


Jared was born in a small town in Pennsylvania. Both of his parents did not exhibit any powers, and neither did Jared until he turned 14 when he started to feel the emotions of his fellow students, he was excited by this and began experimenting with his powers, at first the emotions began to overwhelm him and he was prone to overreaction so he limited his interaction with society, he began meditating and was able to embrace the emotions not fighting them, and was able to go back to school. He soon began to release small blasts of kinetic energy capable of destroying small objects. A year after he gained this power he accidentally hit a person with the energy and upon feeling their pain he lost the control over the emotions and he began blasting things at random, one blast ricocheted back at him and knocked him unconscious. He then woke up at the Xavier Institute once again in control of the emotions. Here he again began experimenting his control on the emotions and learned he could copy other mutants powers.

Jared 1
Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Born 1994
Family -
Status Alive
Eye Colour Blue
Hair Colour Dark Brown
Height 6'1"
Affiliation Xavier's Institute for Gifted Youngster
Powers Empathy

Empathic Power Mimicry
Energy Blasts

Home Xavier Institute for Gifted Youngsters
Missions -



Very relaxed and laid back person. He likes to take things slow and think everything through.



  • Empathy-Pathos has the power to feel the emotions of others he can also influence the emotions of others. He can feel the emotions of everyone within 10 miles of his location.
  • Empathic Power Mimicry-Pathos can mimic the powers of other mutants within a 1 mile radius of himself. Unlike with Rogue, Pathos does not need to be in physical contact with a mutant to copy their powers. Pathos cannot copy more than one power at a given time. Pathos cannot continue to mimic another’s powers once they are out of his range. Pathos only has the same level of control over the power as the mutant who originally has it does.
  • Minor Power Manipulation-By influencing another mutants emotions he can cause their powers to increase to a new level or make them go haywire. Pathos cannot voluntarily do this to his own powers as of yet.
  • Energy Blasts-Pathos can release minor blasts of concussive energy. These blasts are not extremely powerful merely capable of sending an enemy flying back ten feet.



  • To augment or mess up another mutants powers he must focus on that mutant leaving him open for attack. If not focusing on a single emotion at a time, Pathos can get overwhelmed by the emotions of the people within his range, causing his energy blasts to grow in power and become harder to control.



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