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Jason -aka Rapture
-Telepath / Telekenetic

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No need to talk, I'll just read your mind.
Jason Julien Keller
Important Information
Gender Male
Family Julien "Hellion" Keller (Father)

Fiona Keller (Mother)

Status Alive, 18
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Brown
Height 6' 3"
Affiliation X-Men
Powers Telepathy, major telekenesis and flight.
Weakness Objects that are too heavy, he can't pick up.
Missions None


Julien Keller, better known as Hellion of The Hellions, left the team after he was arrested on suspicions of terroism. When he was finally cleared, the team had been disbanded permanently. Julien moved to Brazil to avoid the mutant-registration laws. He fell in love with another mutant who also happened to be avoiding the American laws. The woman, Fiona Jenson was a minor telepath, therefor she evaded SHIELD easily. They moved back to the U.S after the registration act was finished for the next generation. Julien and Fiona were married and soon became pregnant with twins. When Fiona went into labor, Julien tried to calm the contractions. But he failed when she tried to take control, too. One of the twins survived but the other was a stillborn.

Jason, the surviving child, grew up spoiled and loved. He joined sports when he was twelve and loved it. His father, suspecting that the telepathy at birth had washed it out of him. When he was fourteen, he began getting headaches and hearing voices. Only after Jason had a total breakdown at school, did Fiona probe Jason's mind. She found that the voices were the thoughts of his classmates and friends. Jason was taught by his parents to suppress the thoughts. Recently, he's been having trouble and he has moved to the Xavier Institute.


Jason has extreme telekenesis and telepathy. His father, Jason or "Hellion", was one of the world's best telekenetics. He can look into the minds of others for brief periods of time. He can also create images out of telekenetic energy but cannot make them solid. He can fly and levitate other people.


Jason has short brown hair and brown eyes. He's muscular and tanned and has a tattoo of a cross on his back.


Jason is has the attitude of a "cool guy". Since he was the star line-backer for his school's football team, he was very popular. It never went to his head, but he developed a suave and cool-headed attitude.



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