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The Literature classroom is the classroom of Cale Harrison.

In the classroomEdit

There are bookshelves on every wall, the center of the room has a long table with a ton of chairs for people to read at. A large area of chairs and a chalkboard are in the front. A desk, belonging to the teacher is in the front, covered with books. There is a posterboard with rules typed out on it.

What you will do in the classEdit

  • You can read for as long as you want, as long as you understand your book.
  • You can write a little.
  • You can start a book club and discuus your book.

Rules (of course every class has to have some)Edit

  • No fake reading and talking to friends. I'm no telepath, but i can tell when you aren't reading.
  • Be gentle with the books. Accidents happen, but try to be careful.
  • Book clubs: speak quietly, people are reading.
  • If you are at risk of burning, dissolving, soaking etc. a book, don't worry, pages are reinforced.

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