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Name: Nicholas Carmichael

Mutant Name: Tempus

Professor Carmichael -aka Tempus

 – 03:35, January 25, 2012 (UTC)


Teacher for Science of Abilities


Nick was born in California and lived there for his childhood. He knew about mutants because his parents were also mutants. When he turned 13 he gained his abilities. He practiced his abilities until he was great at using them. When he grew up he began studying the science of abilities and began to learn lots about all sorts of different abilities. He went around California trying to find mutants to study their powers but he could not find any other than his parents and grandparents. Finally his parents told him about the Instiution and he travelled there.


He is pretty nice. He can get angry if someone is being annoying or rude but otherwise he is very nice. He will help other's when they need it. But if he makes a discovery in his work then everything else drains out of his head and he wants to study it more.


  • Space-Time Manipulation
    • Time Travel
    • Teleportation
    • Temporal Stasis (stopping time)


His weakness is that his teleportation can be dangerous. If he teleports a place that he doesnt know he would risk teleporting into something which would kill him. He can also only teleport a limited distance and not half way around the world. Also time travelling severely drains his energy. He only uses it when he has to because even if he goes back a week he falls to the floor from exhaustion.

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