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Sabrina Stone
Important Information
Gender Female
Family Mary and Leo Stone
Status Alive, Single, Seventeen
Eye Color Hazel
Hair Color Strawberry Blonde
Height 5'7"
Affiliation self
Powers Telepathy
Weakness In thick fog, her abilities are stifled or shut down.
Missions none yet




Sabrina is quiet amongst most. But, with a select few, she's open and warm and funny.


Sabrina was born to Leo Stone and Mary Stone on April 9th. Leo was a mutant, but his powers so minor he hid them, and Mary wasn't conscious of this. Sabrina's powers developed at an early age, asking her mother at age 6 to chose one number out of 500. Mary thought of the number nineteen. Sabrina was right.

Sabrina spent her entire young life as the "weird girl" who sat alone in the cafeteria. Upon graduating high school, she ran away and went somewhere she could use her abilities for good.

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