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New members

While as you all have noticed, Many new members have come. So greet them warmly and have fun rollplaying. Also special welcomes to some friends of mine Like TheGhostMan.

Rollbacker spots are open

Thats right. We are looking for new rollbackers to help us out. Here is the link. Though you will be doing alot more than just rollbacking edits

X-men teams

We have created Five new X-Men teams to further the role play. Though for now there will be a limit on the number of chars in each team. They are as follows:


The fighters of the x-men. Mutants with physical attributes.


Led by Seraphim. For mutants with more beast like appearance and advanced tracking and hunting skills.


This is for mutants with unique powers, that normally mutants would not have


Led by Christo Weiss. The special ops of the mutants. No they will not be like the X-Factor


For mutants with control over the elements. Any element.

Well thanks and have a fun time rp'ing

TIS ME THE AWESOME DRAGOON 19:31, September 17, 2011 (UTC)

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